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    • 102023-04
    • [News Center] Staff Activities on Women‘s Day
    • In the poetic and pictorial March that is prodigal with flowers and full of exuberance and vitality, we usher in the International Women‘s Day on March the Eighth, a festival exclusive to women. To be…
    • 102023-04
    • 102023-04
    • [News Center] Staff Sports Game
    • Recently, the company held the 2023 Staff Sports Game at the Gymnasium Center of the Economic Development Zone in order to diversify the cultural and sports activities in the life of the employees, st…
    • 302022-08
    • [News Center] SINOWAY Safety Culture Activities
    • Safety is the top priority, given that Company‘s development needs a good safety environment. Kunming SINOWAY Natural Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. regards safety as its top priority. During the overall p…
    • 112022-07
    • [News Center] Summer Outing
    • Summer comes with luxuriant vegetation and fragrant grass. Walking down the street, you will be accompanied by dappled shadow of trees and lingering sound of cicada. We have to do something fun on suc…