• Enjoying Health,Fun Run for All

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  • 2023-10-30
  • In the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, SINOWAY held a morning run event with the theme "Enjoying Health, Fun Run for All" on the morning of September 23 alongside the beautiful Dianchi Lake at Haigeng Park in Kunming.


    Good health is essential for individuals and serves as a fundamental prerequisite for economic and social progress. The attainment of good health and longevity for the nation is not only a significant symbol of national strength and revitalization but also a shared aspiration of people from all ethnic backgrounds throughout the country. Through organizing the morning run event, SINOWAY aims to encourage its employees and the wider public to abandon unhealthy habits and become both practitioners and beneficiaries of a healthy lifestyle. As a socially responsible company, we hope that our running event can encourage people to actively participate in sports and enhance their physical well-being. Ensuring public health is a vital guarantee for achieving the health of the entire population. Public health education plays a pivotal role in raising public awareness about the significance of maintaining good health. It empowers people to actively protect their physical well-being and safeguard their health rights. By promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention measures, we hope to empower more individuals with the knowledge of how to maintain their physical health, thereby reducing disease prevalence and elevating the overall health level of the public.


    Nearly a hundred participants took part in the running event. As the starting signal was given, everyone dashed out from the starting line, creating a captivating scene. Against the picturesque backdrop of Dianchi Lake, energetic and enthusiastic SINOWAY participants ran along the lake as their faces glowed with healthy and happy smiles. The scene was filled with a contagious spirit of positivity. The participants engaged in a thrilling competition and pushed themselves to sprint towards the ultimate glory. Amidst the event, the participants expressed their hopes for everyone to cherish this opportunity, actively participate in the running activity, and experience the benefits of good health and happiness. Furthermore, they also hoped that all their colleagues could continue to pay attention to public health in their future work and provide better health services to the public. SINOWAY concluded the event by giving out nutritious replenishments and prizes carefully selected for all participants. This has undoubtedly boosted the staff's sense of belonging and enthusiasm towards their work.


    SINOWAY has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "caring for life and focusing on health." We are dedicated to pharmaceutical research, production, and sales, continuously providing the public with high-quality and affordable medications and acting as a guardian of public health. The morning run event not only serves as an effective practice of a healthy lifestyle but also demonstrates SINOWAY's commitment to public health. SINOWAY will continue to act as a guardian of the people's health.