• Creating Value through Scientific and Technological Innovation – SINOWAY Is Honored as a "Demonstration Unit for Scientific and Technological Innovation"

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  • 2023-11-01
  • Recently, the 22nd China Scientists Forum was held in Beijing and nearly 800 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, and scientific and technological workers from all over the country gathered together to explore the development and future of scientific and technological innovation. With the theme of "Promoting the Construction of Industry-University-Research Collaborative Innovation Consortia and Building a Chinese-style Modern Industrial Ecosystem", the forum aimed to advance cooperation between academia and industry, inject new impetus into the development of scientific and technological innovation, and provide ideas and insights for the building of a Chinese-style modern industrial ecosystem and the collaborative innovation among industry players, universities, and research institutions. The 7th China Enterprise Chief Scientists Forum was held concurrently.


    The 22nd China Scientists Forum emphasized that scientific and technological innovation is an indispensable force in economic and social development, a focal point in the improvement of the strategic system of innovation-driven development, and a crucial support for innovation in the new era. SINOWAY was honored as a "Demonstration Unit for Scientific and Technological Innovation" at the forum.


    Scientific and technological innovation has always been the primary driving force behind development, supporting and leading the pharmaceutical industry on the path of high-quality development. It has enabled pharmaceutical enterprises to achieve numerous new breakthroughs, unleash unprecedented vitality and charm, and make great contributions to human health. SINOWAY focuses on the production and R&D of pharmaceutical products featuring periplaneta americana extract, including Kangfuxin Solution, Ganlong Capsule, and the antihypertensive drug Xinluoping. Over the years, it has delved deeply into fields such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease treatment, digestive disease and traumatic injury treatment, hepatitis B antiviral treatment, and topical medications for orthopedics, forming a diverse and distinctive product portfolio with various dosage forms. After years of steady development, SINOWAY has become one of the representative enterprises with high growth potential in Yunnan Province. It has been successively recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and an enterprise with advantages in intellectual property rights and has won a number of honors, such as "Little Giant" Enterprise in Yunnan Province, "Advanced Unit of Scientific and Technological Innovation" at China Scientists Forum, "Top 100 Private Enterprises" in Yunnan Province," First Prize of Yunnan Science and Technology Progress Award, and Second Prize of Patent Award in Yunnan Province.

    In the future, SINOWAY will continue to prioritize new drug R&D as the lifeblood of its long-term strategic development. It will strive to become a modern pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates innovative drug R&D, modern manufacturing, and standardized testing, combining high-tech biomedicine and traditional medicine.