• R&D Pipeline
  • R&D pipeline

    Class 1 new drug “novel humanized immunotoxin SN—001”


    An important breakthrough has been made in the research on the Class 1 new drug "novel humanized SN-001 immunotoxin" (hereinafter referred to as immunotoxin). At present, with the project process being stable and the in-vitro cell activity test results meeting the relevant expected indicators, it has entered the animal safety experiment stage. Immunotoxin was accepted by the international PCT system on February 23, 2021 (Acceptance No. PCT/CN201/077461) and its intellectual property rights belong to Kunming SINOWAY Natural Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.


    Further development of Periplaneta Americana-related products


    We have verified the safety and efficacy of Periplaneta Americana-related products for nearly 40 years. According to long-term clinical observation, Periplaneta Americana-related products could repair cell damage and apoptosis and regenerate cells. Based on this, we are now working with Jecho Labratories, Inc. of the U.S. in conducting in-depth research on the composition, mechanism, efficacy and genetic sequencing of the Periplaneta American, and exploring more indications to which Periplaneta Americana-related drugs apply. We hope that we can open up the international market with the research results, so as to help the traditional Chinese medicine to truly go global and offer our own solutions for treating some rare and complex diseases with Periplaneta Americana-related products.