• SINOWAY Safety Culture Activities

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  • 2022-08-30
  • Safety is the top priority, given that Company's development needs a good safety environment. Kunming SINOWAY Natural Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. regards safety as its top priority. During the overall planning of the Company's key work in the second half of the year, the President stressed that safety is the first priority, and we must remain committed to enhancing safety and environmental protection in the Company's operation. For this purpose, the Company's security committee needs to take the lead in organizing safety training, taking relevant safety prevention measures and strengthening staff safety awareness. Based on the arrangement of the Business Analysis Conference for the second half of the year and organization of security committee, all staff of Kunming SINOWAY Natural Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. participated in the safety culture activities on August 15.


    SINOWAY upholds the principle that safety is essential in industry management, business and production operation. It maintains a safety development philosophy with aims to prevent and control risk and accidents, carrying out safety culture activities.

    The safety culture activities consist of safety emergency drill and safety knowledge contest. The specific events include emergency drill of boiler explosion accident and accident caused by environmental pollution, emergency evacuation drill in production area and office area, and safety knowledge contest for staff. The main purpose is to further improve the staff safety awareness and enhance their ability to safety response. In addition, the activities also aim to examine the collaboration between emergency organizations and the division of responsibilities, ensuring that all staff can react with unified command and keep composed to tackle the emergency in an orderly manner once the disaster occurs.

    Boiler explosion accident: set an emergency situation where the boiler steam system reaches the maximum pressure failing to release the pressure, and relevant staff are required to reduce the pressure in a very short period of time and restore its operation. 

    In case of leakage, the staff can use sand or other non-combustible materials to adsorb the small leakage of extraction tanks or discharge the leakage into the wastewater system by diluting it with a lot of water. Additionally, the extraction tanks installed with alcohol explosion-proof pump can be transferred to the alcohol storage tank when a large leakage of extraction tanks occurs. The staff can use fire hydrant to reduce the risk of vapor disaster while transferring. The extraction tanks will be recycled and transported to waste disposal sites to prevent large-scale pollution.


    Staff evacuation process was safe and orderly with standard action. All staff reached the emergency assembly point within the specified time, which obtained the expected goal. At the same time, all employees were required to keep in mind the evacuation route and effectively enhance their ability for emergency escape and emergency response.

    The emergency drill has achieved good results. The drill improved the collaboration of groups and enhanced their response ability to combat emergencies. When the disaster occurs, they can remain composed to protect themselves in an active manner.

    The safety knowledge contest encouraged all staff participation, which was divided into required questions, lightning round and risk-related questions. The contest was composed of safety knowledge in all aspects such as production, fire-fighting, occupation and health, public security, traffic and general knowledge of life safety. An interactive session was set for guest judges and contestants with an active atmosphere. The participants answered the questions actively, strengthening their awareness of safety.




    There is a long way for safety. SINOWAY attaches great importance to safety production work and takes solid measures to improve it. It is imperative to strengthen ideological awareness, take solid safety measures and shoulder responsibility. In accordance with the risk control in levels and hidden danger investigation and rectification, we will strive to control and prevent risk to intensify safety line of defense, and protect our production and operation.