• Summer Outing

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  • 2022-07-11
  • Summer comes with luxuriant vegetation and fragrant grass. Walking down the street, you will be accompanied by dappled shadow of trees and lingering sound of cicada. We have to do something fun on such a beautiful summer day - let's go outing! 

    Under the scorching sun, every step that we take will lead us to greet the wind carrying heat. The garden bursts into bloom - yellow, red, pink, white and purple, all graceful and flourishing. Summer is just as colorful as the rainbow hanging in the sky. In the morning, the grass on the lawn is standing erect with strong vitality, while it will bow its head under the blazing sun at noon, as if it is whispering to Mother Earth.

    A camera is a perfect tool to record interesting things in life, such as the scenery along the way, even your emotions. Any moment in life can be captured by a camera. Food - you will never know how delicious the food is unless you swallow it down and savor it. Hot and spicy food lights up your mood. Refreshing drinks draw you out of the bitterness of life. Games - Dopamine allows us to feel good and happy when we are playing games. It will be a chance to make employees know each other better, and strengthen their friendship. Scenery - The stream is flowing gently away. The cap of mushroom is slowly getting wider and flatter, very like an umbrella opening. Looking up, white puffy clouds are sailing by with no hurry. Chirping birds are hopping among the grass and a gust of breeze is ruffling the flowers and trees.

    Let the breeze relieve your tired body, bring happiness and fun, and carry your laughs and joy away to the distance. You can find both poetry and dreams here. Just go out and enjoy this fresh summer!