Jinhong Zhitong Xiaozhong Tincture

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  • Jinhong Zhitong Xiaozhong Tincture has a rapid and lasting effect of pain alleviation. This product has good safety and significant rapid effect of pain alleviation for traumatic injuries, and rheumatic arthralgia. Jinhong Zhitong Xiaozhong Tincture of SINOWAY has exclusive approval, and its formula was granted the national invention patent in 2013.

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  • Jinhong  Zhitong  Xiaozhong  Ding

    Jinghong analgesic and detumescent tincture

    This product is a compound preparation of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used for promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, relieving swelling and pain. It is indicated blood stasis, swelling and pain caused by trauma, and rheumatic arthralgia.

    Dosage and administration: 1. Traumatic injury:Push the nozzle continually, spray the liquid evenly on the injury area from 10-20 cm away, or soaking gauze with this product and apply to the affected area. 3-5 times daily.

    Rheumatoid arthritis arthralgia spasm pain: Spray the gauze with this product and repeatedly rub the affected area for 5-10 minutes, or spray this product on the affected area and repeatedly rub. Three times daily.

    Adverse reactions: Uncertain.

    Contraindications: It is contraindicated in pregnancy

    Warnings and Precautions:
    1.This product is for external use only, oral administration is prohibited.
    2.Avoid raw, cold and greasy food.
    3.Do not expose to the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. It is contraindicated in skin ulceration or infection. People with hemorrhagic tendency should use it with caution.
    4.Do not put this product near fire and high temperature area, avoid serious collision, do not use it near the open flame.
    5.Use it with caution in the menstrual and lactating period. Children, the frail elderly  should use it under the guidance of a physician.
    6.Acute soft tissue injury should not be rubbed.
    7.If the skin allergy occurs after using this product, such as itching, rashness and other symptoms, stop using this product. Go to the hospital if symptoms become worse.
    8.If the symptoms are not relieved for 3 days, the patient should go to the hospital.
    9.It is contraindicated in patients allergic to this product and alcohol. People with allergic constitution should use it with caution.
    10.Do not use it if any changes to the appearance of this product.
    11.Keep out of the reach of children.
    12.For pediatric use, it must be under adult supervision.
    13.Consult a physician or pharmacist if you are using other medications.

    Drug interactions: Consult a physician or pharmacist for details if drug interactions may occur when concomitant use with other medications.

    [Reference specification] WS-10330 (ZD-0330) -2002-2012Z

    [Approval No]:SFDA Approval No. Z20025404

    Marketing Authorization Holder
    Company Name: Kunming Sinoway Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd..