Ganlong Capsule

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  • Ganlong Capsule, an exclusive product of SINOWAY Natural Pharmaceuticals in China, is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B and has a significant effect on serum E antigen negative conversion, viral load reduction and liver injury repair. With the new drug certificate and production approval granted in March 2005, Ganlong Capsule is the first Class II new insect drug (traditional Chinese medicine) approved by CFDA for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in China. Ganlong Capsule is another original insect preparation developed with periplaneta americana following Kangfuxin Solution.

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  • Ganlong  Jiaonang

    Ganlong Capsule

    This product is developed with periplaneta americana and is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B. The preclinical pharmacological test showed that this product inhibited the replication of DHBV-DNA in DHBV-infected duck serum, reduced the ALT activity of Tupaia belangeri infected with human hepatitis B virus, improved the negative conversion rate of HBeAg, and had certain recovery ability for the liver parenchymal damage. The secretion of HBeAg in 2215 cells was inhibited in vitro. It increased the activity of serum lysozyme and the proliferation of spleen lymphocytes induced by Con-A in mice. It had a certain protective effect on acute liver injury induced by D-galactose in mice and chronic liver injury induced by CCl4 in rats.


    Dosage and administration: oral, 2 capsules/time, twice daily


    Adverse reactions: In the clinical studies, individual patients developed mild nausea symptoms which spontaneously relieved after 3-5 days, and its relationship with this product is uncertain.

    Contraindications: Uncertain

    Warnings and Precautions: No research data on pregnant women, children, the elderly and other specific populations

    Reference specification: YBZ04142005-2011Z

    Approval No. : SFDA Approval No. Z20050113

    Marketing Authorization Holder: Company Name: Kunming Sinoway Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.