• "Thumbs up for Our Guardian" --- Salute to Each of the Frontline Workers

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  • 2021-08-13
  • On May 20, 2020, we launched a public campaign "520, give a thumbs up for our guardians" to thank all medical staff for their sacrifice in the fight against the pandemic through the company's WeChat Official Account. During this hard fight, people all over the country have come together from top to bottom to contribute all they can to the prevention and control of the pandemic. It should be highlighted that on the front line of the fight, such white-cloth groups are entering the COVID-19 high-risk environment with no hesitation to protect us, and they are soldiers in white who take on the burdens for us.


    This pandemic has affected and even threatened people's lives. It set us in such a panic that we tried to fight the virus but just found out there was nothing we can do, except following the instructions and staying at home for self-quarantine. Meanwhile, there were thousands of soldiers in white who volunteered to go to the front line of the fight. To save on protective suits, they did not drink water, ate less, and work against time to cope with the virus day after day. Thanks to their commitment and persistence, countless lives have been kept from danger. We should never forget that they were willing to put themselves in danger, especially in this time of peace, only because they want to build a protective wall with even their flesh and blood for us, for the vast majority of the people. 


    The purpose of the campaign is to pay tribute to every hero in the fight against the pandemic! Salute to each of the guardians! The pandemic will eventually become a thing of the past, and people's lives will return to normal day by day. As flowers will always blossom in spring, we will also eventually be able to live a healthy and happy life under the warm sun. However, we should never forget the efforts of these beautiful anti-pandemic workers, never forget the guardianship of the medical staff who stepped forward firmly, and always bear in mind these heroes who braved the pandemic.